This wedding was, in a sense, a dream come true for me. Carmen and Robert (who, by the way, are both very good photographers) wrote me on instagram that they would like to have second photographer, someone for more creative photos, which the main photographer cannot always take. Having a main photographer who takes pictures of all the most important moments was a luxury, in the mean time I had the freedom to try new compositions, angles, creative camera settings, search for candid moments for which I don’t always have time and space as the main photographer. The whole wedding took place in the beautiful premises of Pálenica Jelšovce.

Another little dream of mine, was to take pictures in Budapest, which I love. I really love taking pictures in the city, as I can play more with lines, light, composition and other variables that come into play, such as people, architecture, traffic and other elements that I can’t find in nature. So if you are interested in taking pictures in the city, do not hesitate to write to contact me!